Members are encouraged to continue bringing personal guests to the club, and members are urged to continue their practice of meeting guests and making them feel welcome. (The term "member" as used here, applies equally to wife, husband and children.) Any member may bring personal guests to the Club at any time, provided that the member accompanies the guests. The host-member will be responsible for behavior of guest(s) and cleaning up afterwards.





The clubhouse of the Sailing Club was built for the maximum use and enjoyment of all members and their families. The following guidelines will make sure the Clubhouse is an enjoyable place and maintain security.

The Club offers two camping services. 

Campers are expected to follow the following rules:

A boat, whether it be sail or power, shall not be docked at either club dock overnight unless its skipper is spending the night on club property.  Any power boat on club premises shall maintain a no wake zone extending 100 yards away from club docks and beach areas.  Power boats may be secured to the main dock only and are not permitted in the beach area or shoreline.   Dry storage for sailboats is provided free of charge to all members and is located in the boat field east of the clubhouse. Dry storage spaces are assigned by the Board on a semi-permanent basis. Members are responsible for the security of their boats. Boats located in the field are subject to being moved for lawn keeping purposes.  Powerboats are not permitted to be stored on club grounds.  Current members with powerboats stored in the boat yard as of July 2006 are excluded. All members must have their name on the boat trailer and are required to have a current registration sticker on their boat(s).

Wet slips are provided for an annual fee and are available for sailboats only. Slips are assigned by the Board on a semi-permanent basis. Due to a limited number of slips, a waiting list is maintained by the Board. Members are responsible for the security of their boats.
The Race Committee boat may not be used for any purpose, except emergency rescue, without the express permission of the Board.

No one may operate any of the clubs power mowers, chainsaws or power equipment unless they are 14 years old or older. Anyone under 18 must be under the supervision of a parent.
Club equipment should be used only by those members who understand the proper operation and safety requirements. Members operating chainsaws and mowers should wear the appropriate clothing and safety glasses. Members are responsible for insuring that the mower's crankcase is filled with oil and that fresh gasoline is available. Two cycle engines require a special oil and gas mixture which should be carefully measured. Chains on saws should be kept sharp and out of the dirt when operated. Any comments or questions concerning club equipment should be directed to the Grounds Chairman.

Members shall dispose of their own garbage in the dumpster provided by the Club or take their trash with them when they leave the premises. The Club provides garbage bins and plastic bags for incidental trash. Picnickers should bag and take garbage to garbage service bins when they leave.

Pets are not allowed into an area where food is being served. This includes, but is not limited to, suppers, July 4th Barbecue and socials. On Sundays and holidays, pets should be kept on a leash and away from the pavilion, clubhouse and other congested areas.

All members and guests are required to act respectfully to one another when on Club property and shall refrain from excessive loud music, excessive drinking, and other behaviors that are detrimental to the fun family atmosphere that is expected at the Club.